Saturn Cave

Cuevas de Saturno in Varadero

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History of Saturn Cave

Cuevas de Saturno, about 12 km from Matanzas, Cuba towards Varadero there is a grotto where a lake with crystalline waters, known as the Cueva Saturno, appears. To get there, you have to go to the Varadero Airport and take a branch that leads to the coast, very close to the town of Carbonera. There is a well-marked tourist center. Many stalagmites are submerged partially or totally, which means that in the past the cave was not flooded.


The lake has a depth of 18 meters but its waters are so incredibly transparent that they allow you to see the bottom without any difficulty.


It has two galleries where blind fish and shrimp have been found swimming in its waters, common species in Cuban groundwater, but there are also clean waters that tourists can take advantage of to swim and snorkel.

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