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Snorkeling at Coral Beach Varadero
Beginners and inexperienced will have a life jacket, with this all the time will be on the surface.
Visit Havana in Cuba
The sea is the main attraction, with clear and shallow waters, full of marine life.

Best Tours in Cuba

Cuba is a paradise to travel on you vacation. Find here the best excursions in Cuba, as we are located in the Caribbean have nice beaches and beautiful places to know. The diving trip is the best option because is very relaxing for you vacation, you can see many varieties of fish and corals due to the water temperatures of Cuba.


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Best snorkelling so far!! And the divers that went with us knew the exact spot to see all the fish and beautiful coral.

VIP Tour for you Family

Snorkel in Playa Coral (Varadero) and visit Saturn Cave
$ 44
each people
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Snorkeling in Playa Coral
  • Private transfer for you family
  • Visit Saturn Cave(Not included $5 fee to Entry to the Cave)
TOP Offer

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