Scuba Diving in Havana

Day Tours in Havana Cuba

Price for 2 people or more people:

Playa El Salado $110 each ($120)

It includes:

• Instructor. (Personalized attention).

• Complete report of the dive site. (Previous training, characteristics of the place, route of the dive, rules to follow, etc.).

• 2 Dives by person.

• All SCUBA equipment.

• Pick-up time at the cruise terminal 8 AM – Return to the cruise terminal: 12 PM.

Duration of the expedition: 4 hours.

Characteristics of the diving site:

Approximate distance from Havana: 25 Km

Max depth : 18 m

Type of diving: Coral Reef

Average visibility: 25 m.

Pick-up Service

Diving in Santa Fe Havana

Price for 1 Dive (Contact us for 2 or more Divings)

  • 1 Person $110
  • 2 Persons $85
  • 3 Persons $75
  • 4 Persons $70

Diving in Puerto Escondido from Havana

Price for 1 person: $160 each ($185)

Price for 2 people: $130 each

Price for 3 or more People: $115 each

It includes:

• Instructor. (Personalized attention).

• Complete report of the dive site. (Previous training, characteristics of the place, route of the dive, rules to follow, etc.).

• 2 Dives by person.

• All SCUBA equipment.

• Transportation.

Pick-up time at the cruise terminal: 8 AM.

Approximate time of return to the cruise terminal: 1 PM.

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Puerto Escondido is a beautiful beach located in the rural part of the province of Havana. Its beautiful white sands are cradled on one side by the cliffs, which rise to tens of meters and house an exuberant flora, and on the other side by the warm and crystalline ocean.

The sea is the main attraction, with clear and shallow waters, full of marine life. There are coral beds, underwater caves and tropical fish. Puerto Escondido occupies a prominent place in the list of professional and amateur divers. Anyway, if marine life is not enough, there are many other adventures available.

Characteristics of the site:

Approximate distance from Havana: 70 Km.

Maximum depth: 18 m.

Type of diving: Coral Reef.

Average visibility: 25 m.


Havana usually attracts visitors who want to try the combination of life in the city and on the beach, but diving here is surprisingly underestimated.

If you want to visit this beautiful place, you should keep in mind that one of the most exciting activities is diving in Havana and there are some excellent sites that are worth exploring.

There are many places to dive in Havana but, one of the favorites is El Salado:

This beach received its name due to the concentration levels of salt in its waters, which is probably higher than other beaches in Cuba, due to the natural conditions of the coast in the area. Located west of the city of Havana in an area called Baracoa, it is a small beach and very popular with local residents during the summer.

Diving in Coral Island Havana:

Depth 25 meters, it is a sunken merchant ship that caught fire and ran aground on the coast, where in addition to immersing yourself in the crystalline waters of Cuba, you will appreciate an old merchant ship that is completely embedded in marine life.

The Sanches Barcastegui:

At a depth of 24 meters, the old Spanish armada sunk in 1895 when it collided with another ship while maneuvering to enter the Bay of Havana. It is perfect to find the most beautiful marine life, especially the big fish.


Lion Fish
Lion Fish

Lion Fish:

Pterois antennata is characterized by its amazing and different stripes of its pectoral fins and its long antennas, white and black. Its sting is poisonous

La Boca de Caldera:

Is a beautiful coral garden, not so deep and with crystal clear waters.

There are many caverns in which to put your head, where you can find octopus and small reef fish.

What are the most exotic fish species in Havana?

In addition to the many colorful fish that frequent the reefs, you can find large fish such as tarpon and giant groupers.

Sponges and wild corals are the norm, occupied by the activity.

The massive brain and the elkhorn corals will surprise you, as well as the magnificent gorgonians, which house the most exotic fish in Havana.

Fish Garra cubana:

These small fish are currently on the list of endangered species in La Havana.

They have adapted well to Cuban waters and are covered with a thin layer of oil that helps them move more easily through the water.

These fish are another “living fossil”, a prehistoric beast, if you will, which is one of the most primitive species alive today.

Although they benefit from their oily shine, they do not like to inhabit the waters that flow most rapidly in Cuba.

Although they can survive in fresh and brackish waters, they prefer the great fluvial arteries and swamps of Cuba.

Fish Lucifuga:

These unique fish enjoy the salty waters found in many of Cuba’s caves.

They have adapted completely to their dark habitat, and the four different species of Lucifuga fish in Havana, have lost most of their pigment and now have no eyes.

With this face, it is not a surprise that many compare to see them with the disturbing image of seeing a ghost fish drifting towards them in the black waters.

Fish Mero Goliath:

One of the most exotic fish of the Cuban seas is the Goliath grouper, a critically endangered fish that can reach up to 8 feet in its long lifespan.

If they are communicating with other groupers or intimidating their enemies, the groupers make a low rumbling sound that has the ability to travel long distances underwater.

Because there is very little pollution that affects these waters, the reefs are healthy and vibrant.

Think no more. Immerse yourself in the Cuban paradise; Havana

Havana, colloquially known as La isla, is the capital of Cuba.
It is a place that you will enjoy fully and more if you think of sightseeing to dive.

If you are anxious to make this unforgettable journey through Cuban seas, take your luggage and all your equipment to enjoy the best diving of your life; diving in Havana!

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