Info About Tourist Card, Visa and Passport

What citizens need a visa to travel to Cuba?

All visitors to Cuba need a Cuban Tourist Card or Visa to enter to the country it is mandatory, actually the card is a different documents than a Visa.

Countries that do not need a Card or Visa for entry to Cuba:

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia, China, Dominica, Grenada, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Mongolia, Namibia, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Serbia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Visa required for entry (Countries):

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka

The rest countries not previously mentioned need a visa or tourist’s card. Including United States Citizen and Canadian.

What Period can stay in Cuba?

Visa or Tourist Cards grant a maximum stay of 30 days and can be extended once for the same period. All Tourist Cards have the same format, except the US Citizen, these are pink and more expensive. (Canadian citizens could stay 90 days in Cuba)

How to get a Cuban Tourist Card?

The process for apply a Cuban Tourist Card is different depending on where you’re entering Cuba. If you’re flying from the US to Cuba, your airline will help arrange your Cuban Tourist Card. If you are taking a charter flight you travel agency should be included in your package the Cuban Tourist Card.

What is the price for Tourist Card?

The regular cost for the green one is $25.

United States

The pink one is from $50 to $85 depend the you airline company. The cheap one are Southwest, JetBlue and Delta, United and American are the expensives.


Cuban Tourist Card is book for your flight agency. The airline will provide this to you on the flight, you don’t need to pay extra already is included.


Flying from Mexico or Panama to Cuba then you can buy the Cuban Tourist Card in Cancun or Mexico City. You can do this near check-in for $20 USD.


You can do this near check-in for $20 USD.

Argentina, Spain, Chile, Italy, Polonia, Rusia, Germany, England and the rest countries can get one online, read more down.

Can get a Cuban tourist card or Cuban visa online?

Of course your Cuban Tourist Card and Cuban Visa can be buy online

More info about Required to Travel Cuba:

All visitors, including those with Cuban nationality residing outside Cuba, must hold valid return tickets and proof of medical insurance. Non-Cuban passport holders must also provide proof of financial solvency of at least about $50 per day (feed, lodging, taxi, tours and extras). Visitors from many countries are expected to hold a passport valid for at least two months from the arrival date.
Cuban citizens who have stayed outside Cuba for more than two years will need to obtain permission from the Cuban government before returning to Cuba, and those who are permanently residing outside Cuba need to hold travel insurance and a return ticket to their country of residence.

Visa is mandatory to travel to Cuba, it is also necessary to have a valid passport from 2 to 6 months after the date of entry to Cuba.

In addition, it is necessary to have travel insurance with medical coverage (effective as of May 1, 2010). To comply with this requirement, the traveler must have travel insurance that includes medical expenses or a medical expenses policy, with coverage in Cuba.

The policy must be acquired at the point of origin. Those travelers who exceptionally do not carry the insurance at the time of arrival, may purchase a policy with insurance coverage and assistance subscribed by Cuban insurers, at the airport and marina.

Travel insurance underwritten by Cuban insurance companies and by most international insurance companies, has travel assistance services within Cuba of the company Asistur SA, with a service 24 hours a day and 365 days a day of the year.

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