Cuban telephone communication to the world

Dial Code from Cuba

The telephone infrastructure of the country allows to guarantee direct telephone communications with any point within the territory or with any part of the world.

To call Cuba from abroad:

1. Mark the departure prefix of the country where you are
2. Dial the Cuba code: 53
3. Dial the town code
4. Dial the phone number
To call from Cuba to any other country you must dial the prefix 119 and you can do it from any hotel, from a telephone center or from a public booth (with international access).

Upon arrival in Cuba you can also hire the services of Cubacel for cellular telephony, you can rent a phone or bring your own and activate it. Cubacel’s phone number is 80-2222.

Internet in Cuba

The internet is only provided from some places and the hotels on the island, soon all the people and tourists that visit Cuba will have access to the internet from the mobile phones. Since in Cuba it is one of the countries where more than 90% of the population does not have daily access. The cost of the internet is somewhat high since prices reach $1 per hour.

Travel Tips in Cuba