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Provinces of Cuba:

Cuba is subdivided into for 15 provinces and one special municipality (Isla de la Juventud). These were formerly part of six provinces: Pinar del Río, Habana, Matanzas, Las Villas, Camagüey and Oriente. Free maps of Cuba

The Best months to know and travel to Cuba are:

The best months to enjoy the beaches are April, June, July and August, because Cuba is a tropical country and has high temperatures but if you don´t like the summer. We recommend you the winter months of December, Enere and February which are very pleasant where the temperature ranges between 15 and 20 degrees Celcius at night and in the day about 25 celcius degrees.

History Tourism:

Tourism was initially restricted after Revolution in 1959. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Castro get the tourism for grow up the economy that this one was a disaster, between 1992 and 1997 contact between foreign visitors and cuban peoples were factor illegal . The rapid growth of tourism during the Special Period had widespread social and economic repercussions in Cuba. As a result of significant investment in tourism infrastructure, this growth rate is 1.9 million tourists visited Cuba in 2003. In 2017 was a grow up on 3 million visitors.  Having a good growth.

About the sex tourism is actively working to prevent child sex tourism, and a number of tourists, including Canadians, have been convicted of offences related to the corruption of minors under 16. With prison sentences range from 7 to 25 years. The sex with minors under 18 and drugs are penalized.

Religion in Cuba:

Affiliation in Cuba is 65% Christian (60% Roman Catholic or about 6.9 million in 2016, 5% Protestant or about 575,000 in 2016), 23% unaffiliated, 17% folk religion (such as santería), and the remaining 0.4% consisting of other religions. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI visited Cuba in 1998 and 2011, respectively, and Pope Francis visited Cuba in September 2015.

What language is spoken in Cuba?

The official language of Cuba is Spanish. Lucumí is a dialect of the West African language Yoruba, is also used as a liturgical language by practitioners of Santería, so only as a second language. Haitian Creole is the second most spoken language in Cuba, this is spoken by Haitian immigrants and their descendants.
English and French not is frecuently spoken for cubans, only for staff in hotels and guide. Check our Travel Tips in Cuba before to travel.

Cuisine and Beverage:

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean cuisines. A traditional, Moros y Cristianos, pork, plantains, avocado and mojito with(¨Rum Havana Club¨) or meal of ropa vieja (shredded flank steak in a tomato sauce base), black beans, white rice, plantains and fried yuca with beer or wine.

Where rent a private house or hotels?

You can book any hotels in Cuba all inclusive, but we recomend you rent private apartaments (AirBnB), this one are very safe and cheap. The price is from $25 to $50 night for 2 adults more 1 children. We have many offers in our website and all lodgings are legal to rent for tourist in yours holidays.

Can Lodging in a friend’s house?

It is usually forbidden for the tourists to remain in a house of friends, it deserves a strong one it fines for this reason (that are sometimes not even conscious this rule) for the own tourists. You but should request an immigration permission to go there with the owner of the house, he should to show test of property and to explain the grade of friendship. The authorization if it is demonstrated that there is really a friendship, or if it is related with you (boyfriend / girlfriend) and the house fulfills the established conditions. In this point, you have to change tourist’s visa to the family and to pay a tax. Buy cheap bills to Cuba 

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