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You can find cheap prices for diving and snorkeling in Cuba with our website, where you can also make economic excursions in Havana, Varadero and other provinces.

Where is Varadero?

Varadero is a tourist pole that has 20 kilometers of fine white sand beach, located on a peninsula on the north coast of the province of Matanzas, Cuba.

How to get there: There is an International airport in the vicinity of Varadero where you can rent a taxi and only 6 km from Playa Coral, also very close to Havana, the transfer by car is less than 2 hours.
Where can get Scuba Diving or Snorkeling: It is offered from our UnderwaterCuba Dive Center.
UnderwaterCuba: It is located on Coral Beach or Coral Beach, a beautiful beach on the north coast of Matanzas and only 15 km from Varadero the best beach in Cuba and one of the best beaches in the world, Coral Beach as its name suggests is a beach with the barrier largest coral reef in Cuba where you can enjoy more than 50 species of coral and more than 50 species of fish.


Prices (includes pick-up transportation and back to the house or hotel):

Offers with transfer included (Per Person):

Snorkeling: $ 36 ($ 45) Save 20%
Snorkeling + Saturn Cave: $ 40 ($ 50) Save 20%
($ 35 (3 or more people)) ($ 50) Save 30%
1 Diving: $ 70 per person with introductory class
2 Dives: $ 70 per person if you have certification

Offers without transfer (Cheap Excursions):

Snorkeling: $ 20
Snorkeling + Cueva de Saturno: $ 25
1 Diving: $ 35
2 Dives: $ 60

All services include: Equipment, Initiation lesson, Guide or Instructor

Coral Beach:

The diving is from the border of the beach there is no need rent boat,  because the coral barrier is very close. For the beginners they are impacted by a theoretical class and another practice in confined waters, where they are taught how to evacuate the equipment, international underwater signals, among others. The activity lasts 45 to 50 minutes depending on the client’s preparation.

Snorkeling in Coral Beach:
In Coral Beach or Beach Coral is done from the shore of the beach, where there is a depth of less than 1 meter, for beginners they are impacted by an introductory class where they are taught how to swim and the basics of light equipment. Both beginners and those with little experience will have a life jacket, with this all the time they will be on the surface. It swims approximately 80 meters from the shore to be on the coral reef. This activity is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Where you can feed the fish with your own hands and even touch them.

This excursion if you wish it is divided into 2 parts. The second part is the Cave of Saturn.

Cueva de Saturno: It is a natural pool where fresh water and salt water flow, with formations of stalactites and stalagmites. There is a lake and two galleries where you can find blind shrimp and fish. It has parts where its depth is from 1 meter to 2 meters, as it is also 22 meters deep in its deepest part but the water that can be seen to the bottom is so crystalline. You can only do the snorkeling activity since it is very small and deep which is not ideal for diving.

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