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UnderwaterCuba is a website to guide all diving lovers and tourists who visit Cuba, in underwatercuba you can find all kinds of information for free, we have an office in Varadero and we have been linked to travel and diving from 2013.

Why book your trip to Cuba with UnderwaterCuba?

– On our website after your first trip you go from being a customer to becoming our friend.
– On our site you will find the best prices on all services and free of taxes.
– Our collective is experienced in shaping vacation in Cuba to the client’s taste, not only do diving packages but also we provide snorkeling service, taxi and rent lodging with our website of apartaments throughout Cuba.
– Payment: in Cuba and can be after receiving a service of the highest quality as you deserve it as our client.
– More than 5 years guiding our clients with tour packages in Cuba.
– Underwatercuba It has highly qualified representatives in Cuba will assure you a good stay and even exceed your expectations.

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cuba maps
Download Free Maps of Cuba
July 16, 2018 admin (0)

Free Maps Cuba PDF Clic Here You can download valuable information here for free. We have in our maps road guide, gas station, shops,

special oferta en Cuba
Offer (July, August and September)
July 16, 2018 admin (0)

When are the best months to travel to Cuba? The best months to enjoy the beaches and diving are April, June, July and August.

Taxi service cuba
Pick up from the Airport Havana or Varadero
July 16, 2018 admin (0)

Ride from the Airport Havana or Varadero to you Hotel or Private House.   We have pick-up service in the Havana Airport and Varadero Airport.

Beach Wedding

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Rooms & Suites

Single Rooms
$75 2 Adults 3 nights

3 Nights in Havana

Single Rooms
$170 2 Adults 3 nights

3Night in Varadero + Snorkeling Tour at Beach Coral for 2 Adults

Package Rooms
$230 2 Adults 5 nights

2 Nights Havana + 3 Nights Varadero + Snorkeling Tour + Pictures Underwater

Delux Package Rooms
$320 2 Adults+1 Kid 5 nights

2 Nigths Havana + 3 Nights Varadero + Snorkeling Excursion in Bay of Pigs


Everything you need to know about Cuba

Travel Tips to Cuba

Cuba info, we provide you several tips in you trip to Cuba, currency, Cuba maps, security, healt, electrical, safe and information about UnderwaterCuba.


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Explore Dream Discover


Best Offer Only $35 each

Snorkeling Tour in Varadero:

Included transfer + Equipments + Instructor + Snorkel + Visit Saturn Cave with entrance free

The snorkel at Coral Beach(Playa Coral) is from the border of the beach, where there have a depth of 1 meter, for beginners we impacted an initiation lesson where you learn how to swim and the basics of the equipment . Beginners and inexperienced will have a life jacket…






  • cuba maps

    Download Free Maps of Cuba

    admin July 16, 2018

    Free Maps Cuba PDF Clic Here You can download valuable information here for free. We have in our maps road guide, gas station, shops, places of interest in

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  • Corals in Cuba

    admin July 15, 2018

    [caption id="attachment_473" align="alignnone" width="250"] Coral reef[/caption] In the largest of the Caribbean islands there is beauty not only in the terrestrial but also in the aquatic nature, the

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  • Cuba


    admin July 15, 2018

    Are you thinking about traveling to Cuba? [caption id="attachment_467" align="alignnone" width="250"] Cuba[/caption] Here you can find all info about Cuba. Visa Who need a visa, period stay in

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  • buceo cuba

    Scuba Diving in Cuba

    admin July 15, 2018

    With more than 5 thousand kilometers of coastline bathed by the sea, Cuba the Atlantic Ocean, to the north and to the south, and to the south. Caribbean

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  • Keywords

    admin July 7, 2018

    Keywords Underwatercuba.club   cuba diving sites cuba diving centers cuba diving in india cuba diving in goa cuba diving comedian cuba diving resorts cuba diving reviews cuba diving

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  • Medical insurance to travel to Cuba

    admin June 13, 2018

    Get a Insure before to travel a Cuba Public health in Cuba Is one of the best in Latin America. All the hotels have guaranteed primary medical assistance

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  • cuba communication

    Cuban telephone communication to the world

    admin June 13, 2018

    Dial Code from Cuba The telephone infrastructure of the country allows to guarantee direct telephone communications with any point within the territory or with any part of the

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  • Aduana de Cuba

    Customs of Cuba

    admin June 13, 2018

    What to do if your luggage is overweight. The Customs of Cuba allows you to bring with you 30 kg (per passenger) between unaccompanied baggage (checked) and hand

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  • cuba visa

    Info About Tourist Card, Visa and Passport

    admin June 13, 2018

    What countries need Visa to Cuba? All visitors to Cuba need a Cuban Tourist Card or Visa to enter to the country it is mandatory, actually the card

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